The San Pablo de Amali Community

We originally started working with the San Pablo de Amali community to help them construct a vehicular bridge that would replace their previous one which had been washed out in a flow incident. Although, during COVID, the government decided to independently replace the bridge in the community.

We have the opportunity to work with them again to directly address their flooding problems. After the construction of a hydroelectric dam, the area has experienced significant and disastrous flooding that has affected their infrastructure and agriculture. The JHU-EWB Ecuador team will be working with the San Pablo de Amali community to construct a stormwater drainage system that will divert the floodwaters and mitigate the damage experienced by the community during the rainy season.


In collaboration with local engineers/organizations as well as professional engineers in Baltimore, we will be installing multiple drainage systems in the central and lower areas of the community.


The project is located in San Pablo de Amali, a subtropical farming community near the western side of the Andes mountains. San Pablo de Amali is within the Chillanes county of Ecuador and the Bolívar Province.

Current Situation

In May 2023, we had the opportunity to visit and connect with the community while performing an assessment trip. We have narrowed down points of interest and are currently working on funding before entering the technical design phase.

Special Thanks

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