JHU-EWB is currently working to develop two projects in Baltimore, Maryland.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Project introduces Baltimore’s brightest to engineering by working with local middle schools to bring STEM-based programing to students that is innovative, hands-on, and guaranteed to make you smile.

During the Spring 2017 semester, we launched our initiative at Barclay Middle School. As a team, we designed a five-week curriculum that complemented the existing engineering exploration classes offered at Barclay. Different types of engineering were introduced through brief lessons and followed by interactive activities. With our program, young students learned critical thinking while completing hands-on activities such as building bridges with K’nex, designing soda bottle water filters, and more.

If you want to gain leadership experience, volunteer and connect with the local Baltimore community, and learn other valuable skills such as grant writing, networking, and public speaking. If you were ever in Science Olympiad, enjoy working with kids, or just want an excuse to play with Legos again, come join our team!


COVID-19 UPDATE: Since the pandemic has made our usual in-person STEM instruction impossible, we are exploring new avenues through which we can continue to support STEM education in the local Baltimore community! We are exploring virtual opportunities like streaming experiments and projects, as well as fundraisers for STEM programs in Baltimore. We are as determined as ever to utilize our resources from JHU and EWB to support STEM enrichment in the local Baltimore community however possible!

If you are interested in joining or have any questions please email us at oshipst1@jhu.edu or mlocurt1@jhu.edu.

Local Development

The Local Development Committee seeks to bring positive change to the Baltimore community. We focus on small-scale engineering projects to promote community development, engagement and landscape.

We work with community partners in the Baltimore area, including neighborhood organizations, universities and professional engineering firms. Participating in the Local Development Committee is a great opportunity for Johns Hopkins students to actively experience Baltimore’s vibrant neighborhood scene while contributing positively to the greater community.

If you want to gain design, teamwork and project management skills, join the Local Development Committee! We would be happy to have you.


We are currently working on investigating and developing a project on drinking water quality in Baltimore schools. We have done extensive project background research on water quality regulations, quality and contimannt issues distinct to Baltimore, different water filtration and testing methods, as well as what organizations in Baltimore and Maryland that work with water quality. Our next steps are to establish communication and partner with the school administration or with a local nonprofit organization to learn how we can meet the needs of the students and school. We are also currently seeking short-term engineering projects with local organizations and are also open to virtual volunteering projects in Baltimore.

Special Thanks

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