Innovative students engineering positive change.

Since our inception and affiliation with EWB-USA, EWB Hopkins has partnered with communities in South Africa, Ecuador, and Guatemala to support their development. EWB-USA aims to support community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences that enrich global perspectives and create responsible leaders.

As a student chapter we are looking to provide our members with responsible educational experiences so they can develop their understanding of sustainable development and grow into global engineers.

For more information, please do not hesitate to email us at We also encourage you to check out our Constitution.

Meet our Team 2020-2021

Jess headshot

Jessica Intile

thumbnail_IMG_2439 - Jasmine Blust

Vice President of Projects
Jasmine Blust


Vice President of Administration
Devina Chatterjee


  Guatemala Project Co-Leader
Eduardo Aguila


Guatemala Project Co-Leader
Melody Multra


Ecuador Project Co-Leader
Maggie Smith


 Ecuador Project Co-Leader
Natalia Zhukova

Madi Headshot

Local Development Project Co-Leader
Madi Miro


Local Development Co-Leader
Michelle Chen

2018headshot_square - Olin S

Community Outreach Committee Co-Leader
Olin Shipstead


 Community Outreach Committee Co-Leader
Marissa LoCurto


 Public Relations Co-Chair
In Memoriam
Zach Steinberg

Our Alumni

Cat Wain President, 2018-2019
Oliver Hickson VP of Projects, 2018-2019
Vicki Yee Co-Leader, Guatemala, 2018-2019
Kelly Yaur Co-Leader, Community Outreach, 2017-2019
Kriti Jindal Leader, Local Development, 2017-2019
Kevin Wang Leader, Local Development, 2018-2019
Kevin Romero PR Co-Chair, 2017-2019
Rachel Neiman PR Co-Chair, 2017-2019
Jessica Zionts Vice President, 2016-2017
Laura Supple Leader, Local Development, 2016-2017
Sarah Cohen Leader, SL, 2016-2017
Shane Trauthwein Leader, SL, 2016-2017
Rodrigo Neira President, 2015-2016
Madeleine Smith Vice President, 2015-2016
Aditya Banerjee Vice President, 2015-2016
Gloria Aldana Leader, GU, 2015-16
Kyle Kirwan Leader, GU, 2015-16
Roderick Go Leader, GU, 2014-15
Michelle Bohrson Leader, GU, 2014-15
Tom Logan Grad Advisor, 2014
Jessica Zionts Leader, Ecuador, 2014-15
Gabe Mantegna President, 2014-15
Nick Bello President, 2013-14