The Community Outreach Project

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Our Mission:

The Community Outreach Project introduces Baltimore’s brightest to engineering by bringing STEM-based programming to students that is innovative, hands-on, and guaranteed to make you smile.

Our Execution:

During the Spring 2017 semester, we launched our initiative at Barclay Elementary School. As a team, we design multi-week curricula that complement the existing engineering exploration classes offered at Barclay. Since then, we have been able to take the curriculum and make this an official after-school program! Different types of engineering were introduced through brief lessons and followed by interactive activities. With our program, young students learned critical thinking while being guided by Hopkins students and completing hands-on activities such as building bridges with K’nex, designing soda bottle water filters, and more.


If you want to gain leadership experience, volunteer and connect with the local Baltimore community, and learn other valuable skills such as grant writing, networking, and public speaking. If you were ever in the Science Olympiad, enjoy working with kids, or just want an excuse to play with Legos again, come join our team!

Special Thanks