The Santa Rosa de Ayora Community

Santa Rosa de Ayora is a small community of about one thousand people.  The town is 60 kilometers north of Ecuador’s capital city, Quito. Our daycare center designs will be approved by engineering officials in municipality of Cayambe, the nearest city to Santa Rosa. Most adults in the community work in the flower industry around Cayambe. While the adults work, the community needs a safe place for their children to learn and play.  The previous children’s center was small and understaffed, and as a result only about 30% of the children under the age four in the community were able to attend the day care. The other children were left unattended at home, while their parents work full-time to support their families. The need for a community daycare center in Santa Rosa de Ayora was brought to our attention by a Johns Hopkins student, Daniela Martinez, who founded our project in 2006.  We have built a new children’s center that is nearly three times larger than the previous children’s center. Construction was finished in 2012 and we are now assessing the impact of the project.  This new, larger community-owned daycare center benefits individual families as well as the community as a whole by providing a place for children to live and learn in a safe environment during the day.


Santa Rosa de Ayora is a small community about 5 kilometers away from the nearest city, Cayambe.  It is around 60 kilometers north of Ecuador’s capital, Quito.


We have tackled the need for a safe learning space for the children of Santa Rosa by constructing a five-room day care center.  This includes a kitchen, main play space, and one room for each of the three age groups to which the day care caters.  The children are given two snacks and lunch throughout the day.  There is also a restroom with two toilets and two sinks.  In the front, outside of the building, there is a large space for the children to play enclosed by a fence.

Current Situation

At present, the day care center is fully functional and serves about 40 kids on a daily basis.  On the most recent trip in August 2014, team members installed a triangular sun shade over the outdoor play area.  The project is now completed

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